About Us

Exploring the vast landscape and culture of tea is our mission at Windy City Tea.

5,000 years of tea culture can hardly be expressed by a tea bag sold in a yellow box. Learn why loose leaf tea offers a far superior cup of tea. With hundreds of teas to pick from, building your personal tea collection is a journey across the years and across the globe.

Windy City Tea offers a unique combination of a retail Tea Shop and Tea Room in Yorktown Center.  

Shop the mall with a hot or iced tea in hand or take a tea class and learn things about tea that you never knew before.  Windy City Tea is a great place to linger, gossip, indulge, and catch up with old friends! 

Why the name Windy City Tea?

We have to back to 2737 B.C. in China The Emperor of China is boiling water for dinner. A gust of wind fills his pot with leaves. Despite the leaves dancing in the water, he takes a sip. “How wonderfully refreshing!” says the Emperor. That is how man discovered tea!

We founded Windy City Tea to celebrate the serendipity that brought tea into our world.  Coincidentally, Chicago is known as the Windy City, but that a whole different story altogether.


Some old History

Formerly known as Tea Canal, we purchased the business with that name, but rebranded as Windy City Tea.  We head into our third year in business with a new outlook for tea aficionados.  Even the Tea Room gets it own name, the Emperor's Tea Room. Armed with a bit more knowledge and lots of experience, we hope to bring your a great tea experience. New teas, new accessories and new programs are in the works!

Thanks to the many customers we have seen in the past years who have given us compliments and encouragement to continue on our course.  

Note: We often asked if we have multiple locations.  We have had and have no association or relationship to any store with a name similar to Tea Canal. We are independently owned and operated as a family owned small business.

We've got a great selection of Wellness teas! Hunkering down for a few weeks?  Life will be more pleasant with a hot cup of tea in hand.  

Click here for a "Best Tea for the Flu" list!

I ran across a great article on line about tea and Coronavirus, and here's that link!

Tea Time in the Coronavirus Age: What Immune-Boosting Teas Should You Be Drinking?

Operating in a changing environment - Covid 19 

Posted April 2, 2020

The safety of our customers, our associates, and our families is our top priority.

Due to the uncertainty and unknowns in our environment, and following the directives of the State of Illinois, our shop in Yorktown Center has been closed since March 20th.  The April 30th proposed end of the "shelter-in-place" is the new date, although I don't know of anybody who truly believes that will be a reality.

But there is a silver lining at Windy City Tea!  Right before closing a took a large amount of tea out of the store (fully expecting a long shutdown) and am finally getting the online store put together!  We are targeting getting it done by Monday, April 6.  If there is something you would like to get, drop me an email at teamaster@windycitytea.com or check back for the online store next week.

If you had booked afternoon tea reservations, or a bridal or baby shower please contact us if you haven't heard from us already.  Even events through Mother's Day are subject to change!

We hope that we can continue to provide you the benefits that tea can give through these stressful times (after we figure out how, given the changing environment we are dealing with)

We appreciate your patience during this time and hope to see you soon!


Thursday, April 2  Windy City Tea in Yorktown Center will be closed until further notice.

A new online store is in the works (now that I have more time on my hands) and should be open soon to fulfill tea orders and delivered by USPS.

Please communicate through e-mail at teamaster@windycitytea.com, we will check at least once a day.  Thanks, be safe, wash your hands and drink tea six feet away from others!