About Us

Exploring the vast landscape and culture of tea is our mission at Windy City Tea.

5,000 years of tea culture can hardly be expressed by a tea bag sold in a yellow box. Learn why loose leaf tea offers a far superior cup of tea. With hundreds of teas to pick from, building your personal tea collection is a journey across the years and across the globe.

Windy City Tea offers a unique combination of a retail Tea Shop and Tea Room in Yorktown Center.  

Shop the mall with a hot or iced tea in hand or take a tea class and learn things about tea that you never knew before.  Windy City Tea is a great place to linger, gossip, indulge, and catch up with old friends! 

Formerly known as Tea Canal, Windy City Tea starts off our second year in business as a tea emporium.  Armed with a bit more knowledge and lots of experience, we hope to bring your a great tea experience.  

Thanks to the many customers we have seen in the past year who have given us compliments and encouragement to continue on our course.